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Why Choose to ​Soda ​Blast In Perth?

See below what Soda Blasting is best suited to and why use Soda blasting over other blasting options?


  • ​Soda Blasting is great for delicate surfaces
  • ​Soda Blasting is safe for indoor and outdoor use


  • ​Can be more costly than other forms of blast
  • ​Blast medium cannot be reused

The Soda Blasting cleaning process is based on ​blasting sodium bicarbonate with compressed air. This process is better than sandblasting. It is because the conventional system (sandblasting) is often a dirty process that causes highly harmful pollutants for the operator and the environment. The bicarbonate cleaning system is not reusable, ensuring an always optimal result and free of contaminating factors.

How Does Soda Blasting ​Work?

Cleaning with bicarbonate crystals produces the entire dirt removal. The resulting softness (Mohs hardness scale of 2.4) and the friable nature of this crystal produces a single cutting action, with little or no effect on most substrates.

For example, on very fragile surfaces, such as glass, you can clean it without any engraving effect.

The Use and Advantages of Soda Blasting in Perth

Dry Soda Blasting is one of the methods frequently used for deep cleaning effects of anilox in the global converting industry. A large number of companies dedicated to the manufacture of anilox use this effective technology. It is characterized by being safe, environmental, and very clean in their processes.

It is also very useful especially in the food and pharmaceutical industry. This is because the material is approved for use in food processing and laboratories. Therefore, it becomes a cleaning system widely used for cleaning of impregnating rollers and Anilox type. Baking soda specially designed for this process does not pollute the environment, is not harmful to the health of the operator,

Finally, this cleaning system is effective for flexible packaging, labels, corrugated cardboard, and other applications. The method increases their standard quality of printing, lamination, and flexo.

The Disadvantages of Soda Blasting

Due to the alkaline nature of sodium bicarbonate, it is not to immediately paint the surface. After the process, there is a very thin protective layer that prevents the immediate corrosion of the piece.

It also produces solid waste reduction. Fortunately, due to its physical properties, sodium bicarbonate can be dissolved in freshwater. By dissolving the medium, it allows filtering the contaminants.


​Soda Blasting Perth customers can expect to pay slightly ​less than ​other blast medium such as ​Dry Ice or ​walnut shell, ​Soda Blasting is ​suited for ​open or closed working engironments where waste debris ​will not effect it's surroundings.

Dry Soda Blasting ​ ​has a clear objective of removing dirt from ​delicate surfaced. ​

The procedure of Dry Soda Blast in Perth is carried out using compressed air that is strictly clean (free of any foreign particles, oils, and other substances) and totally dry (0% humidity). These are fundamental requirements for the proper application of the method.

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