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Why Choose to ​Sand ​Blast In Perth?

See below what Sand Blasting is best suited to and why use Sand blasting blasting over other blasting options?


  • ​Cheapest form of blast material
  • ​Fast and effective stripper of surface material
  • Can readily source blast material


  • ​Messier cleanup is required on ​open operation
  • ​Needs ​disposal of waste material
  • ​Not good to use on metal due to ​oxidisation

Cleaning is a fundamental ​component to performing a subsequent treatment, such as painting. To do this, there are different techniques you can use. Each technique you can use will vary depending on the surface you want to clean, its condition, the material from which it is made, and its extension.

One of the most commonly used techniques is sandblasting. ​Sand Blasting is a system that works effectively to achieve long-lasting results. and we will talk about the uses and benefits of sandblasting for surface cleaning.

Uses and Advantages of Sandblasting

This technique is ideal for the restoration of facades. However, it is also very effective to remove dirt and paint debris from metal structures. Ideal for preparing them to apply a new coat of paint. The sandblasting favors oxidation prevention, increasing the resistance of the material to corrosion.

Here are the common use of sandblasting:

  • Remove the paint.
  • Remove remains of different finishes.
  • Removes dirt and impurities, including welding.
  • Promotes corrosion resistance.
  • Eliminates oxidation
  • Polish high opacity materials.
  • Clean cast molds and all kinds of equipment parts, gears, machinery ...
  • Remove the concrete in plates.
  • It is a precise system in diverse materials such as resin, plastic, steel, or wood, to give some examples.
  • Eliminate graffiti.
  • Prepare the surfaces so that the added-value treatments received becomes more effective, and their result is optimal.
  • It is capable of polishing materials such as acrylic or glass.
  • It can color metals that are not ferrous.

The best thing about this cleaning system is that it does not cause damage to surfaces when done correctly. Even if you do it on the most delicate surface such as glass or wood when done right. The technique achieves effective cleaning without risks and moreover, it is a convenient option to prepare the metal surface before applying the industrial paint.

Disadvantages of Sandblasting

Sandblasting requires specific tools and professional teams ​to operate​. ​This is why at ​Perth Sand Blasting we invite you to consult our professional services on weather Sand blasting perth is your best option. We have a team capable of cleaning with sandblasting and leaving your surfaces undamaged. So, it is ready for ​your further work.

How Sandblasting Works

​Here at Perth Sand Blasting, we are ​specialists in sandblasting as part of our services in Perth Western Australia. Therefore, we want to explain what this technique consists of and which cases it is appropriate. Sandblasting is an effective, thorough cleaning technique. It consists of the projection of sand with a pressure jet of air or water. It is a system that is effective in removing all types of waste. The surface will be clean and also sanded.

The difference in the results depends on the type of sand used as well as its thickness. Not all surfaces have the same characteristics, and what for one may be the best option. For another, it may even be negative.

For this reason, it is important to consider the space on which the sandblasting is going to be projected to clean. You should also select the characteristics of the most suitable sand or sand blast materials. This ​makes the advice of a professional essential as to know what will and will not potentially damage your item being cleaned.


​Sand Blasting Perth customers can expect to pay slightly ​less than ​other blast medium such as ​Dry Ice or ​walnut shell, ​Sand Blasting is ​suited for ​open or closed working environments where waste debris ​will not effect it's surroundings. Wet Sand blasting is best used for non metal products due to post clean corrosion. Sand blasting is best suited for stone or masonry work.

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