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Why Choose to ​Garnet Blast ​In Perth?

​See below ​why it is that ​Garnet Blasting ​is better suited for ​and why ​blasting ​garnet ​​is better over other blasting options?


  • ​Cheapest form of blast material
  • ​Fast and efficient method to restore brickwork
  • ​Easy to use equipment and material feeds


  • ​Can be messy, sand goes... Everywhere
  • ​Clean up takes longer as sand must be reclaimed
  • Wet sand cannot be ​returned to blast nozzle until dry


When looking for ​Garnet Blasting Perth customers can expect to pay ​less than ​other blast medium such as ​Co2, Soda or ​Walnut blast mediums, ​Garnet Blasting is often ​suited for ​open ​working engironments where clean up of waste debris ​will not be a big problem. ​Garnet Blasting ​can be used for many surfaces and is fast acting.

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