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​Why Choose to Dry Ice Blast In Perth?

See below what Dry Ice Blasting is best suited to and why use dry ice blasting over other blasting options?


  • ​Clean and leaves no blast material debris
  • ​Good for electrical and high hazard environment


  • ​More expensive than traditional blast media
  • ​Cannot be performed in all locations

Dry Ice Blasting is an industrial cleaning technique based on the projection of CO2 particles in solid form, i.e., dry ice. Dry ice shot at high speeds with the help of compressed air and acts in a similar way to the sandblasting method. This process is often called Cryogenic cleaning.

How does the dry ice blasting ​system work?

The dry ice jet propels dry ice pellets at an extremely high speed towards the contaminated surface and the impact of the pellets separates the contaminant from the surface and quickly converts it from solid to gas without leaving any trace of contaminants.

Due to that rapid change, only a small amount of force is transferred to the surface which leaves the surface without abrasion.

Dry Ice Blasting produces various cleaning effects:

Kinetic effect

  • The speed of the particles is critical for cleaning.
  • The particles of dry ice have low hardness and sublimate at the moment.

Thermal shock effect

  • The low temperature of CO2 (-78.5ºC) creates a temperature gradient between dirt and the object surface.
  • Micro-cracks are caused between the layers of dirt, breaking them and separating them from the surface to be cleaned.

Gas expansion effect

  • When passing from the solid phase to gas, the volume expands 800 times producing micro-explosions.
  • Dirt rises from the surface instantly.

Advantages of cryogenic dry ice cleaning

It is an environmentally friendly and safe cleaning method that can be used in numerous industrial processes. Here are more advantages:

  • It does not leave secondary waste, so it allows us to save the costs associated with the elimination of waste that arises if we use other cleaning methods.
  • It is not abrasive, prolonging the life of the equipment and components and minimizing surface erosion.
  • It reduces health risks and improves operator safety due to the significant decrease in exposure to chemical agents and hazardous cleaning methods, achieving a much safer working environment.
  • It is more versatile being effective both in the presence of delicate cleaning and deep cleaning of heavy machinery.

In which sectors is cryogenic cleaning used?

As we said previously, this type of cleaning can be applied to a lot of different sectors: automobile, foundry, plastic, food and beverages, restoration and remodeling, graphic arts, medical instrumentation, laboratories, wood, rubber, maintenance, power generation, etc.

Dry ice pellets are very cold at a temperature of -78 ° C.  When it is blasted, they cause a thermal shock on the surface which weakens the contaminant. Since the rapid change from solid to gas generates a shock of microscopic waves, it takes off and remove the contaminant from the surface, leaving a clean, dry, intact surface free of debris.

If you still have doubts about the cryogenic cleaning system, do not hesitate to contact our expert by clicking here.

The Disadvantages of Dry Ice Cleaning

This type of cleaning requires a lot of technical preparation that you cannot do it yourself at home. Therefore, you will need a professional to do this job.


​Dry Ice Blasting Perth customers can expect to pay slightly more than traditional blast medium such as sand or garnet, Dry Ice Blasting is better suited for clean working environments where waste debris is likely to damage or interfere with the surroundings. 

At your ​Perth Sand Blasting we specialize in the revolutionary cryogenic cleaning method. By utilizing dry ice, it is capable of replacing traditional cleaning methods such as sandblasting, glass microspheres, or chemicals. The dry ice blasting is, without doubt, the best choice for cleaning daily residual layers of materials such as glue, varnish, paint, oil, grease, soot, lubricants, slip and many other substances.

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