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Why Choose to ​​​Brick Sand Blast ​In Perth?

​See below ​why it is that ​​Brick Sand Blasting ​is better suited for ​and why ​blasting ​sand at bricks ​is better over other blasting options?


  • ​Cheapest form of blast material
  • ​Fast and efficient method to restore brickwork
  • ​Easy to use equipment and material feeds


  • ​Can be messy, sand goes... Everywhere
  • ​Clean up takes longer as sand must be reclaimed
  • Wet sand cannot be ​returned to blast nozzle until dry


When looking for ​Brick Sand Blasting Perth customers can expect to pay ​less than ​other blast medium such as ​Co2, Soda or Garnet ​blast mediums, ​Sand Blasting is ​suited for ​open ​working engironments where clean up of waste debris is not an issue. 

Sand Blasting brick work will restore the un-treated surfaces, sand blasting bricks is a great way to restore, remove paint and prepare for new coating such as paint or renders.

Sad Blasting Brickwork is the fastest and most cost effective way to remove paint from brickwork. Sand blasting bricks and pavers and bring back colour, texture and life but can be very abrasive so care must be taken not to destroy the surface too much.

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