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​About Perth Sand Blasting

​For All Your Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Automotive and Marine Sand Blasting Needs. 

​About Perth Sand Blasting Services

​Decades of Experience

​Our team of Sand Blasting Service Professionals have collective experience that surpasses many in the industry. Knowing or having experience in hundreds of projects means that we can complete your project fast, on time and more importantly on budget.

When considering Sand Blasting Services Perth customers should choose a provider who has knowledge of material and machine to save them time and money.

​Modern and Efficient Equipment

​Using the latest in compressor technology and abrasive material supply means that our sand blasting services in Perth can deliver unsurpassed quality and reliablity to your project. No break downs, no replacement delays, our machinery is maintained and is highly efficient in the world of Sand Blasting.

Call today to discuss how we can assist your next sand blasting project.

​Professional, Safe and Respectful

​Our Team of Sand Blasting pros have the appropraite OH&S and card training required to service most industries in Perth. We understand the need for worker safety and ensure that each project is attended to with ​strict safety procedures in place, this ensures the safety of our team, your staff and the environment.

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