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​Decades of Experience

​Our team of Sand Blasting Service Professionals have collective experience that surpasses many in the industry. Knowing or having experience in hundreds of projects means that we can complete your project fast, on time and more importantly on budget.

When considering Sand Blasting Services Perth customers should choose a provider who has knowledge of material and machine to save them time and money.

​Modern and Efficient Equipment

​Using the latest in compressor technology and abrasive material supply means that our sand blasting services in Perth can deliver unsurpassed quality and reliablity to your project. No break downs, no replacement delays, our machinery is maintained and is highly efficient in the world of Sand Blasting.

Call today to discuss how we can assist your next sand blasting project.

​Professional, Safe and Respectful

​Our Team of Sand Blasting pros have the appropraite OH&S and card training required to service most industries in Perth. We understand the need for worker safety and ensure that each project is attended to with ​strict safety procedures in place, this ensures the safety of our team, your staff and the environment.

​The team at Perth Sand Plasting services have been delivering quality and cost effective sand blasting and surface treatment to our fleet of earthmoving equipment ​for the past few years, we have to say that the detail that these guys go to is unsurpassed. Very thorough and very professional, thank you for helping keeping our equipment looking like new. 

​Dennis Sampson

​Perth Earth Mover & BUILDER

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​Perth Sandblasting Service Customers Choose Us ?

​Decades of Experience

​Our team of experienced sand blasting professionals have been working ​through out Western Australia for the past two decades

​Cost Competitive

​We understand the need to control costs on each project, to this end we ensure our pricing remains the most competitive in Perth

​Fully Trained in OHS

​From mine sites ​to on site ​mobile sand blasting units we know that safety is the #1 priority. Our team are trained in all OHS and first aid

​Mobile Service Units

​We offer Mobile Sand Blasting Perth customers can choose to come to us or we can come to you, often saving on transport costs

​Vast Project History

​With hundreds of ​completed projects we have the experience to administer all of your surface restoration ​sand blasting needs in Perth

​Scalable Team

​Having the right team for the job is important, both from speed and efficiency but also safety. We can cater for various sized projects.

​Large Range of Services

​We offer not just sand blasting but other services such as Soda Blasting, Dry Ice Blasting, Dustless Blasting, Walnut Shell Blasting & more

​Environmentally Friendly

​We ​care about the impact our services have on the environment, this is why we use only environmentally ​sustainable ​product to blast

​Charity Supporters

​We are an avid supporter of our local charities here in Perth, we believe the fortunate should also pass privelage to those less fortunate

​Perth Sand Blasting Services have been delivering sand blasting and surface restorations to our fleet of equipment for quite some time now. When we have used them we have ​found them to be efficient, honest and reliable in the work that they do. A very thorough and attention to detail has kept them coming back to our sites across perth. Thank you for the good work.

​Dennis Beller

​Perth Home Builder

​We have used Sand Blasting Perth for most of our on site blasting services as they have a unique blasting unit that reclaims most of the material they blast. This was special as we did not want our neighbours to be effected by the restorations that we complete on ​the structure ​which was under renovation. The team did a great job and complaint free from our neighbour

Mike Pomero

​Civil Restorations perth

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​Sand Blasting Perth

​Most Common and Cheapest Form of Blasting

​Soda Blasting Perth

​Used for Soft or delicate Sub Surfaces

​Dry Ice Blasting Perth

​Used when liquids should not be present

​Garnet Blasting Perth

​Different Grades of Grit Available